Friday, May 22, 2009

Blood thirsty children..

I've never been afraid of teaching my children where food comes from, we have a veggie patch and chooks for eggs. Last week we bought four chicks to fatten up for Sunday dinners.

#4; Ahh aren't they cute.
#3: Ahh aren't they cute.
#3 and #4: Can we keep them? Can we? Can we?

Me: No, they're for eating when they get big enough.

#3 & #4: Pleeeeeese, just one, they're so cute. Pleeeeeese.

Me: No

#3 & #4 : Pleeeese, pleeese, pleeese.

Me: No, we're going to eat them.

#3 & #4: Can we help make them into dinner, can we ? pleeese? Are we eating them this week? Can I eat that one?.....pleeeeese?