Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's my birthday...

Well it was my birthday yesterday anyway. All week people have been making me bad-tempered by asking where I'm going for my birthday.. that would be nowhere. What am I getting?...that would be nothing. At the gym, oooh are you going out tonight...I doubt it. Hurrumph.

Well I shouldn't be an evil tempered old bat, well only for fun. When I got back from the gym there was a trail of clues around the house that Homer and the children had left that led me from one place to the other until I found my present. A lovely little knick knack box..I love that stuff.

Later I was ordered to get dressed as we were going out and we went out for dinner. OMG. Homer even said that it wasn't that bad and maybe we'd go out again, maybe even together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday #4

Number 4 is ten today. I have to admit that there are times when I have wondered whether he would make it to double digits, the skateboarding down the north face of the Eiger incident for instance, or the finding of the new pet snake incident, or setting fire to the bedroom, or "flying" from the house roof to the tree.

At other times he has found himself perilously close to causing his mother to expire, the worms and play-doh in the microwave incident, or the locking mum in her bedroom by tying her bedroom door to the laundry door (on a day she had a job interview), or the undoing of the bolts fastening mummy's seat to her car floor incident.

Of course outsiders have views on #4 too. The parents of the chess club that he famously locked in the library to avoid extra reading lessons, the parents of the boy he showed how to get on the school roof, but neglected to show how to get down and the parents of the boy who he told about the play-doh/worms experiment, who then decided to reproduce the experiment with a cane toad.

There is a certain fame (or notoriety) involved in being the mother of #4. I am first name terms with the local fire, ambulance and police forces. Most of the local doctors and nurses know me though my son as well as professionally, and of course I am the source of endless merriment for these professionals at their meetings.

His birthday requests? Still wants a motor bike and a chain saw.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Living in hope..

#4: There's no school on Monday.

Me: What???? !!!! I'm thinking to myself "OMG, who's looking after them on Monday, I've got work, and any-way haven't they only just gone back to school after six months off!!" (Slight exageration, but it felt like six months.) "That's just about right, another bloody pupil free day, let the teachers break back in to work gently " I'll admit by this point I was getting slightly hysterical.

Me: What do you mean "NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!"

#4: It's raining, we'll have a storm day.

Me: It's Friday afternoon, On a scale of one to ten its raining at about a three, there WILL NOT be a storm day on Monday. Now be a good boy and fetch mummy's gin and valium.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A day at the zoo

While grand-dad was here we took him to the zoo to see the local wildlife. It was so wet that we stayed for about five minutes and gave up.

I did get a couple of pictures of trees, and one of a very irritated koala. Koala's can be very nasty and bad tempered. This is probably because their diet disagrees with them. They have to eat eucalyptus leaves for six hours a day which then need the other eighteen hours a day to be digested and only provide enough energy for another six hours eating eucalyptus.

The ferns were in the crocodile pens. The crocodiles were all hiding in the water from the rain.