Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday #4

Number 4 is ten today. I have to admit that there are times when I have wondered whether he would make it to double digits, the skateboarding down the north face of the Eiger incident for instance, or the finding of the new pet snake incident, or setting fire to the bedroom, or "flying" from the house roof to the tree.

At other times he has found himself perilously close to causing his mother to expire, the worms and play-doh in the microwave incident, or the locking mum in her bedroom by tying her bedroom door to the laundry door (on a day she had a job interview), or the undoing of the bolts fastening mummy's seat to her car floor incident.

Of course outsiders have views on #4 too. The parents of the chess club that he famously locked in the library to avoid extra reading lessons, the parents of the boy he showed how to get on the school roof, but neglected to show how to get down and the parents of the boy who he told about the play-doh/worms experiment, who then decided to reproduce the experiment with a cane toad.

There is a certain fame (or notoriety) involved in being the mother of #4. I am first name terms with the local fire, ambulance and police forces. Most of the local doctors and nurses know me though my son as well as professionally, and of course I am the source of endless merriment for these professionals at their meetings.

His birthday requests? Still wants a motor bike and a chain saw.


Anonymous said...

He certainly isn't boring!

Happy Birthday #4!!

Heather said...

Very humorous blog. Love it.

Emily Krajci said...

This is adorable! I just stumbled onto your blog and read a few of your posts; you have a great sense of humor! I especially loved this post; I'm the oldest of 9 kids and a few of my brothers are pretty rambunctious themselves. I'm at college right now and reading this reminded me of home. This was a great read!