Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woe is me...

My eldest child (#1) is in the Navy now. We took him to Townsville yesterday to join up. Then the nasty men took him away on plane to Melbourne.(Otherwise known as a place too far away for me to go and rescue him in one day.)

I have been practising hurling my arms around him a crying out "Don't Go, Dont go!" . Alternatively, I throw my arms around his shoulders crying out "Don't take my baby, Don't take my baby!" I have practised this so often at home that after enlistment when I went to give him a good-bye hug he flinched slightly, expecting me to show him up. Oh well at least he knows his mum.

I waited a full eight hours to ring him after he left.

Me: So was the flight all right?
#1: There was two
Me Did you change at Sydney?
#1: Uh
Me: Who told you where to go?
#1: We were unacompanied. (Sounding proud here)
Me: So you were ok with that? (Thinking to self, well I did see a girl with them, and he has reached Melbourne)
#1: It was Ok there was a girl with us.
Me: So, where are you now?
#1: Airport
#1: We've got to wait for a bus before I can eat again. I haven't had anything since we landed.
Me: But you had breakfast and a meal voucher for lunch,
#1: And a meal on each plane ride
#1:And now I've got to wait till we get to the barracks to eat again.

I hope the Navy has a lot of food, but they will won't they, they're used to teenage boys.

Note to self: Watch out when buying groceries, food will not be disappearing from fridge overnight as if by magic.