Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's my birthday...

Well it was my birthday yesterday anyway. All week people have been making me bad-tempered by asking where I'm going for my birthday.. that would be nowhere. What am I getting?...that would be nothing. At the gym, oooh are you going out tonight...I doubt it. Hurrumph.

Well I shouldn't be an evil tempered old bat, well only for fun. When I got back from the gym there was a trail of clues around the house that Homer and the children had left that led me from one place to the other until I found my present. A lovely little knick knack box..I love that stuff.

Later I was ordered to get dressed as we were going out and we went out for dinner. OMG. Homer even said that it wasn't that bad and maybe we'd go out again, maybe even together.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Hope you got spoiled rotten.

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BSc Maria Lincoln said...

Happy belated birthday!