Friday, February 5, 2010

Living in hope..

#4: There's no school on Monday.

Me: What???? !!!! I'm thinking to myself "OMG, who's looking after them on Monday, I've got work, and any-way haven't they only just gone back to school after six months off!!" (Slight exageration, but it felt like six months.) "That's just about right, another bloody pupil free day, let the teachers break back in to work gently " I'll admit by this point I was getting slightly hysterical.

Me: What do you mean "NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!"

#4: It's raining, we'll have a storm day.

Me: It's Friday afternoon, On a scale of one to ten its raining at about a three, there WILL NOT be a storm day on Monday. Now be a good boy and fetch mummy's gin and valium.

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Anonymous said...

If he can predict the weather he's going to earn you a fortune!