Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sideshow Bob

Dopey has a new boyfriend. A definite step up from the last one, this one can string a sentence together and appears to have realised it's a good idea to laugh at my jokes, even the ones that aren't funny.

He does however bear a remarkable resemblance to Sideshow Bob, from the Simpsons.He's tall and skinny and has a mass of curly hair at right angles to his head. He could effectively hide behind a palm tree. Being as the last one was Barney I can see where she's picking them from. That's a warning to any mother who thought plonking the kids in front of the telly for half an hour to make food was a good idea. Also bear in mind on that front that she prefers not to be known as Dopey (can't think why?) but has the nick name Bambi.

As I recall bambi was a deer I could well have killed myself by the time I'd seen the tape 563 times (and counting).

The troll is still hunting my eldest. She went away for a day last week, but it didn't last. The road was flooded, the bridges were out ( including the one she lives under) and still she made it back, not hail nor storm nor.....ah well. Apparently she wants an apology from me. Grumpy says I shouted at her.I find this hard to believe as I haven't spoken to her or allowed her in the house for four months. Last time she came while I was out I sage smudged the whole house afterwards, to get rid of evil spirits. Mind , thinking about it that was the day she went to Townsville. Maybe I should sage smudge her?

Thinking of her troll like little face asking me for an apology is good for a laugh however. All my friends think it's hilarious, Grumpy didn't know why I was laughing and Homer wisely kept his mouth shut.

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