Monday, March 9, 2009

He's at it again..

Ring Ring,

Hello, CCC pharmacy can I help you?

PC: Is Eve there?

"It's for you Eve, I don't know who it is, they sound upset?"

Me: Hi, how can I help you.

PC: It's #4.

Me: Silence

PC: Hello.......hellooooo, I know you're there.

Me:, it's me. Did you try home.

PC: You don't know what he's done yet.

Me: Did you try our house first?

PC: Yes, Come and get him.

Me: I should be able to make it in....


Me: (carefully) What did he do?

PC: It's shave for a cure day in a few days. (People shave their heads for charity.)

Me: Yes?

PC: S****** J***** had long blond hair this morning. (My heart beat really fast here.)Do you use food colouring at home?

Me: ? (gulp)

PC: Green food colouring?

Me: ? sorry

PC: S.J's hair is green, all over.

Me: Thank God for that. (People colour their hair as well on shave for a cure day.)

PC: ?

Me: Oh I thought you meant he'd cut her hair off. (Short pause) How blonde was her hair, and how long?

PC: White, she can sit on it.

Me: Oh

PC: Come and get him, NOW.

Luckily SJ's mum is being pretty cool about it, she laughed and said "It'll come out easier then the bubble gum did. I have two boys, don't worry. Really, don't worry."

I had my doubts that #4 had done it as there is no trace of green on him, which seems highly unlikely. The teacher says he put his hands in plastic bags to protect them while he coloured S's hair, "like the hairdresser does". The teacher looked meaningfully at my newly coloured hair.

We left.


Anonymous said...

Have you tracked down the remains of the green food colouring or is he planning a second assault?

colleen said...

Oh how they manage to get away with question is where was the person in charge, it takes awhile to do that and someone should have been least she still has hair...could have been worse...hehe