Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deadliest catch

I'm quite a fan of the deadliest catch TV show, it's probably the swearing that I like , and also I'm a big fan of the sea and we only have pretend sea here (warm with no waves).

I thought I'd treat myself to a T-shirt. Not the sort of thing I'd normally do but what the heck. My choices were,

Northwestern...big fan of the Hansen brothers but never trust a man with a centre parting so that was out. it me or is there some sort of dodgy deal going on there?

Time Bandit....reminds me far too much of all my boys, particularly #4, also there's a mullet involved.

That leaves the Cornelia Marie. Again shades of my boys, and I notice Cap'n Phil is smoking again (and I'm not). Not to be discounted is the fact that their website posted overseas but Time Bandits didn't.

I don't count the Early Dawn. There's a certain amount of smugness there that I'm not fond of, or earnestness, I'm not sure which.

Anyroad my T-shirt arrived. Now I'm not a small girl, not at all. I was very popular in my youth and I didn't need Pammy's surgery to get there, but foolishly and at the risk of annoying my American friends I assumed a large T-shirt would be , well, large. Mmmm the t-shirt rather emphasises my assets, but I'm a grumpy old woman in no make-up, so that means I now have a very nice gardening t-shirt that reads "F------/////vvvv Coooooooornelia Marrrrrrrieeeeeee". Next time I'll get the mug.

BTW. #4 will NOT be getting a chainsaw for christmas. Ha ha very funny. I'm still untangling the chickens from the rope and the big vinyl hand put them off laying for a week, imagine the damage he could do with a chain saw.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

#4 and a chain saw? For the love of God woman - don't even joke about it!

Morgan said...

So, I guess you ordered the women's cap sleeve t-shirt? And the sizes run a little small? We're glad you choose the F/V Cornelia Marie and not the Northwestern!
Thanks. Morgan

BTW-I checked your age on your profile and you're not old.

Eve said...

MOB: Too right. Don't even joke about it.

Morgan: Too right...cap sleeve womens shirt. As I said next time maybe a mug, or a larger size shirt, and definitely some work on the tread mill/ diet front.

slh35661 said...

From your American blogging friend: don't worry we can't make heads or tails out of the sizes here either. Mostly because they don't make clothes in America so there is no consistency. I bet if you look at the tag you will see "made in China" as about 99% of our clothes now come from there. I think their models are small. So now we have to ask, "Is it a women's large or a men's large?" If it is a women's large you have to ask for an xtra large. If it is men's you are probably alright with a large. Some day in a perfect world there will be consistency with clothing size. Until then...the mug might be safer.
And I am with you on the idea that a man who parts in the middle...not gonna trust so much.