Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nature or nurture?

Number four has a tendency to get overheated. He runs around all day in the sun without wasting time with hats or drinking water and then comes in as darkness falls. As the sun sets and he stops moving he suddenly develops a headache, demands all the lights be turned out and vomits copiously.

The first few times this happened as you can imagine I was straight to the hospital, thoughts of meningitis screaming through my mind. Eventually a kindly doctor suggested that maybe if we got him to drink something, maybe?

We nurse him through these turns, and try to prevent them with water and hats but they still happen occasionally.

Today number three got a headache. Number four swung swiftly into action. He got a head ache tablet (after checking with me) and took it to number three. He lay him down in the bedroom and shut the curtains, and then went and got him a glass of water.

"Try and drink this" he cooed while stroking number three's head. "You'll soon feel better."

Gently he left the room and as he closed the door he sighed, "Stupid little twit, when's he going to learn to keep his hat on." (I can't think where he heard that.)

BTW he soon got sick of the nursing thing and went and poked number three until he cried thus requiring an intervention from mummy.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet! Until the poking started of course.