Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Backyard Projects.

I mentioned to Homer that it was "ABOUT TIME I GOT MY PATIO".
#4 has obliged. I'm not sitting on the stool though, look at the left hand leg.

I of course was working hard, planting up the winter veggie patch. I treated myself to shiny new bean canes this year. I have recycled the last ones so often they are now a lethal weapon splitting into flying splinters the second a puff of wind hits them. Note the patented bird preventing cage over the cabbages.

Last year the pigeons waited until I was ready to pick the cabbages before descending en masses to devastate the entire crop. They were closely followed by the cockatoos which devastated the bok choi. Cockatoos may seem exotic and exciting when you first move to the tropics, until they descend like a flock of ill behaved teenagers on your fruit trees a fling half eaten starfruit to the ground. About that time you go off them. This is underlined when they repeat the act with your fig tree. Similar behaviour is the reason that minah birds are locally called flying rats.

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Anonymous said...

They still sound more attractive than London pigeons with their horribly crippled feet!!