Saturday, September 5, 2009

Olden days?

So if I said "Olden Days Music" would you think, I don't know, Vaudeville? Waltzes? maybe even Billy Holliday?

Me: Where are you going with that?"

#4: What?

Me: That's your brothers ipod, put it back.

#4: AAAwwwwwww

Me: You can borrow mine


Me: What?

#4: It's full of olden days music....aaaaaahhhhhh.

Me: ?

I knew I had an eclectic, and maybe old for my age taste in music, but I mean, there's ACDC, and Pink, and the Sex Pistols on it. (and Johnny Cash, and Creedance, and Led Zep and Neil Diamond admittedly, ) but OLDEN DAYS!!! I mean, really.


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