Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reef trip

We took grandad to the reef yesterday. It's not the best time of year due to an approaching cyclone. The sea was "lumpy" which led me to two conclusions, 1. # 3 and I can't join the navy and 2. #4 and Homer can. "How was it" every-one asked. "Great" I replied, "except for when I was throwing up or drowning due to bad snorkeling conditions. The picture is of #3 and #4 preparing to scare a shark. The red suits are stinger suits which stop jellyfish stinging you........except on your face. Shortly after this picture was taken I made both of the red devils put on life jackets as I was aging about three hundred years every two minutes trying to watch both of them.

Actually it wasn't that bad, even in the terrible conditions we travelled in due to the time of year we still saw giant clams and many different multi coloured fish. I'll go again, but in flat calm weather, and probably to Green Island so I can get solid soil under my feet. The whole trip was worth it for the photos we brought back tho, here's one of my favourites, #4 swimming with Wally the Napoleon Wrass.


Anonymous said...

Great photo!

You'd better warn the Navy that #4's on his way in 15 years. They need time to prepare....

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