Saturday, February 21, 2009

Career choices #2

My hairdresser has become a mobile hairdresser. This is because, like me, she has a tendency to say what she thinks. When she was going through hairdressing school they forgot to remove her smile, meaning that she can laugh at a joke instead doing that "what is the smell under my nose" look that most hairdressers adopt when faced with my hair.

When she asked me about my hair care routine the first time I saw her I looked blankly at her and said, "Oh, you mean if its wet I open the car windows on the way to work?" She only looked vaguely surprised and cut my hair into a style that blow dries itself if I open the car windows!!! How good is that!

As a consequenxce every time she "moves on" to a new salon I move on with her, and now she's become a mobile hairdresser she came to my house for the first time. (I just hope she never moves too far from where I live, I'll have to move). She paid me one of the best compliments anyone has ever paid me... she said " Oh it was such a relief to be coming to your house, I felt so relaxed when I got here."

Any way, she's smearing orange goop on my hair and #3 says "What are you doing?"

Hd. "Dying your mums hair"

#3: "Why?"

HD "To hide the grey hair."

#3 : "Oh" small silence " Do you like doing that?" (Slightly puzzled tone in his voice).

HD "Yes, why, do you want to be a hairdresser?"


HD " But all the girls would like you, you'd see all the pretty ones."

#3 : Giving a small shiver "But you'd have to touch them, and their hair, YUK!"

#3 turns huffily back to his war game on the computer, touch girls, the very idea!

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menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Give it time, give it time. I hate when a good hairdresser moves on as it's torture finding another one that doesn't cut your hair like she attacked it with a knife and fork.

Lucky old you - pay her well!