Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now you tell me.....

If you feel down and you put on a tiara or a cute sparkly headband it like totally brightens up your day" - Paris Hilton

My sister found that quote. So, all you slightly older, slightly plumper and a lot poorer girls out there don't you feel better now Paris has revealed the secret of conquering depression?

As my sister's small child is in the middle of a snot fest cold we discussed whether dried snotty bits on every item of clothing she posseses counts as "sparkly" for these purposes. We also covered the wisdom of scraping your hair back off your face with a head-band when you have only had three hours sleep in the last seventy-two and need to go to the shops before hiding behind three inches of caulking (sorry, make-up). Would that scare small children? and would the stares from other shoppers "like totally brighten" her day?

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Tim O'Dell said...

Ok, so I'm a bloke - and you'd imagine it would be hard to empathise - but I think we can all despair at the attitude of vacuous celebrities who wouldn't know real life if it hit them in the face!!

Signed - a Paris fan (not!)

Sorry Eve, I couldn't help myself!