Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've got this rash......

Those are the words that strike fear into my heart at the moment. People keep coming into the shop and saying , " I've got this rash..." A few seconds later I hear one of the girls say that they'll just get the pharmacist. I can tell by their approaching speed the age, sex, smell and general appearance of said rash sufferer.

Silently I scream "NO NO Show it to the doctor", but to no avail.

A decription just won't do, they insist on showing me, young and old, male and female, smelly...the lot. Please, please show the doctor not me. I don't get paid enough for this, really I don't.

I have seen boobs and bums and young and old alike, vests, T-shirts, nappys, lacey underwear and sagging grey boxers... Please no more.

I am left muttering "try this cream" whilst trying to avert my eyes and look interested but not too interested.

With my luck Brad Pitt would come in the show me his rash, and put me off for life. ( I'd tell him he caught it off Ange, or maybe George..)

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