Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lucrezia....what a bird

I was trawling through Helium other day in search of inspiration when I came across the title Biography: Lucrezia Borgia . Ooh I thought I remember her, bit of a tart, Italian, brother bit of a bugger. I recalled reading a book called "Light on Lucrezia" and had a look on a few sites .

The Women's lib movement should adopt her. it seems likely she was the victim of incest, she was definitely "sold off" in marriage, at thirteen. She was divorced, though I think she enjoyed that part, then sold off again,widowed definitely against her will and the remarried off. She then died giving birth to her eighth child. And through all this she maintained her duties as a duchess , and at one point as pope, and did them well.

Does Oprah know about her? What a role model.

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