Thursday, January 24, 2008

What kids say : Deadliest catch

I was watching Deadliest Catch on Discovery tonight with the youngest child. He was fascinated, Why are they standing on the crabs? What are they doing now? and on, and on, and on.

The highlight of the episode, if you can call it that, was when a man fell overboard from a ship visible to the " Time Bandit". We watched enthralled as Jonathon set the alarms off and manoeuvred his boat to rescue the victim. My little man wanted to know every thing that was going on, What were the alarms for? Why were they wearing the orange suits? What were they throwing overboard? Had they saved him?

Then they got the man aboard and stripped him off, Is he cold? Why are they taking his clothes off? I explained all this to him, ( all the while very thankful that they had saved him!)

My little man considered this all for a while and then as the rescued man thanked the men who had saved his life asked me, " So, what do they do now? Throw him back?"

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