Friday, January 4, 2008

X boxes, play stations and all that

I got quite worried earlier on today. Happy ran to me in the front room to tell me he'd just killed A-hole. A-hole? A-hole? What the heck............. Uh, whose that I asked , crossing my fingers it wasn't the kid from next door who'll I'll admit is a bit of an A-hole. In the stone temple with the shady warrior. The shady warrior, what shady warrior?.......Conan in child molester glasses? Arnie with a drug habit? Stone temple, what the hell have they done to the garden now. Any way, I braced myself and followed him to the back room where the X box is. All was revealed, the shadow warrior and, I think Aeon. Sigh of release from me and a quick hug for Happy.

It got me thinking, that's why Grumpy thinks he can drive, and why Psycho thinks he's going off planet soon. (Psycho hasn't been on planet since he was born). I'm going to have to pay more attention to the games I buy.

Dopey is talking to me, its nine days since Christmas and she just got off the phone. I think her mate had died of dehydration or something. She said, " Why's there nothing to eat in the fridge?" This is the fridge still full of Ham from new year, sliced ham, ham rissoles, ham pie, ham rolls, ham on a stick, ham curry, ham trifle ( I was running out ideas all right?) Whats up... don't you like ham? Whoops, she's not talking to me again. ha ha

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