Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Face book and everything

Just last week I joined face book, I can't get the hang of it at all. Not a bit. I keep sending messages to strangers, one in particular who must think I'm cyber stalking him. I sent the same message to him 12 times yesterday, actually the same 2 messages 12 times. First I'd send him a message , then I'd realise my mistake , and then I'd send another one that said
"sorry, not got the hang of this yet".

Then I repeated the whole sorry process. Eleven more times. At one point he replied to me " No Shit Sherlock" . That made me think I might quite like him actually, but it was too late, I knew I'd irritated him past the point of no return.

I did manage to get my profile page up, but by the time I'd uploaded 3 pictures of a tree and one of a complete stranger in Ulaanbatar to my profile it was time to call it quits. Come to think of it maybe that was who I was sending messages to. In the end I gave up trying to send the message by closing the window, I hope the site logs off..........(clicking mouse noises while I check)...yes it seems to be gone. I wonder if I've been reported? mmmm how would I find out? I think I'll just leave the whole sorry mess alone for a few days and then try again.

It was my DCS that got me to join, she's not Internet illiterate like me. " Go on, it'll be much cheaper than phone calls, and easier with the time difference and everything" Easy for her to say, if I carry on like that I'll get some sort of global ban or black mark or something. Or maybe a visit from a stranger from Outer Mongolia.

I'm having much more luck with the helium thing, that's just writing articles.....just! It was very traumatic being trapped in face book for the afternoon. I almost, but not quite, volunteered to take Grumpy driving. I won't be press ganged into that for a few more days yet though. He's off to Townsville with the Troll and her dad. I asked him what was there then, I dunno...standard teen answer.... it's his birthday today, maybe him and the Troll are going to get more piercings.

note to self, remember to embarrass him horribly by asking about peeing with a Prince Albert when he comes home....well who else am I going to ask, I don't know anyone else with one.

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