Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to work and the home front

Now I know why they wanted me back at work this week, there was no-one else there, except customers. Come on people, you shopped till you dropped before Christmas, stop coming to see me!! I went in yesterday and the boss was running round and round in ever decreasing circles. ( This was 7:30am.) Am I late I asked.....apparently not, apparently I'd picked a good week to have off. The power had been off, hence everything else, and the phones had been off so the eftpos didn't work. The phones not working a definite plus other than that slight problem. I always seem to get the people trying to get me to diagnose meningitis or woop woop fever or lesser spotted arrow foot disease over the phone. See a doctor, I say,.....oh, but you can tell me can't you....NO I can't....I can't see you. I don't know what your rash looks like and it's quite possible I don't want to. Mind it could be worse, they do come in and show me their interesting rashes in weird places as well. That I don't need at 8am.

I'd only left the family for two days and already the phone calls from home. Homer from the supermarket.." What pastry do you use for feta and spinach rolls?"...." Filo" I reply. "Where's that then?" ....." In the same freezer compartment as the other pastry, freezer row nearest the door, far end, right hand door." Shuffling noises followed by.." Will shortcrust or puff pastry do? " .."Well I guess if they don't have filo, are you sure there's no filo?"...Rattling noises, distant curses and the sound of a freezer alarm going off because he's had the door open so long. " How about spring roll wraps?"...." Well I guess.....are you sure there's no filo? in a box about 3 inches high and 12 long."
Short silence, followed by " Oh, these boxes marked filo" .....Longer silence from my end of phone , then " Yes dear , that's it." Ho hum.

Grumpy got his learners permit yesterday as well. Apparently the Troll got hers too, and the Troll's dad is going to teach them both to drive. He got a new car just before Christmas. A huge great big four wheel drive to tow a boat. Hope his insurance is good. ( I know it's not nice to laugh, but really, teaching two teenagers to drive in a brand new tank, hope it's not me they hit .)

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