Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why she's called Dopey

Readers may think I'm cruel to nickname child number two Dopey but today was going to be Christmas shopping part two, until this.
Homer and I were in the electronics superstore looking at laptops for her. We're not sure why she wants one, except we have already told her no Internet. Her history of downloading things on the home computer involves a lot of viruses and unsuitable websites. ( One reason for calling her Dopey.) We were actually at the check out when I asked hubby to check, will she even use this without Internet? Why does she want an inbuilt camera? Is she setting up her own sex site? He rang her on her mobile, no answer. He rang her on the land line, answer. Why didn't you answer your mobile? She told him she hadn't heard it. By this time we were out of the queue, I hate people on mobiles in the queue so I don't do it! We considered her response for a while, the fact that she dies if separated by more than three inches from her mobile, the fact that we hadn't seen it or heard it. We rang it again, no answer. We rang home again. Hubby asked her had she lost it. Yes she had.
This is phone 7 or 8 she has "misplaced" . We put the laptop back. You can get a phone for $49, the laptop was $400.
Her response when we got home? It's not fair, we were never going to buy the laptop anyway, some one stole the phone. At this point hubby pointed out that we have to surgically separate her from her phone when necessary.. what happened. Her a party she had got in some one's car and couldn't fit in it with her phone in her pocket so she gave it to some one she's not sure who! What! What! How small was this car? Who was in it? Where did they go? You get the picture. Bad choices and the daughter. Hubby grounded her, she ran off..same old same old where she's concerned.

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