Sunday, December 23, 2007

Phone call from the other reality

Today I got a welcome phone call from my little sister, otherwise known as DCS, the domestically challenged one. She's on the other side of the world and has only just entered the wonderful world of motherhood. I wanted to know that she had got the gift I sent, which she had.
Included in the parcel were her wedding gifts, which were a little late. ( About three years?) I'd also knitted a little blanket and a soft jacket for bub. I'm glad to say she seemed pleased with the knitting. I'm the only one of my siblings who got the knitting/ sewing gene from mum so I must admit I think she's easily impressed but it's a pleasure to do. Apparently her significant other was very impressed with the jacket... "Where did she get that?"..."She knitted it"...."She knitted THAT"... . I told her that was a step up from Homer's response. He thinks knitting is some form of witchcraft, and the fact that I can knit whilst reading a book, spawn of the devil obviously. They also liked the blanket, though I have my doubts on that. I thought the blanky a little stiff. ( I had trouble folding it to get it in the box to post it as I'd knitted it on smaller needles than I should to make it tight, an approach that was a little too successful.) Apparently sis proudly tucked the blanket round bub while she was in her bouncing chair, tucked might be pushing it here, cracked, folded ? When she looked round bub was holding it. My sis is so excited, that's the first thing she's held. I, however, think bub was showing uncommon good taste and trying to remove blanky from her person in case any-one saw it.

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Anonymous said...

What a brilliant blog! You have the knack and I am going to return often to read it. If you are happy for it to be read more widely (and it is funny, well-written and poignant and so would be good to share it)you might consider more detail and more backstory (although the latter will be less important as time goes on).