Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So This is Christmas

It' s unnatural , Christmas in the tropics. About 38C today and I'm cooking a full roast dinner, mad dogs and Englishmen.

All in all a very good day. We put the small dwarfs to bed late, about 11.30pm , last night , then did the emergency run to the late night servo for batteries, then roped the older ones in to wrap presents and filled the yawning gap under the tree. Psycho of course kept getting up, and I kept putting him back to bed. The last time he said to me "It's no good, I know he's already been, there's a scooter outside my bedroom window." This was at 2am, so I gave him the mother laser death stare and he returned to bed.

5.30am and we're off. Mad present unwrapping, construction of towers and finding of lost pieces in the sack of rubbish. Peace, perfect peace as extended playing got underway. Aah. Dopey was very impressed with her new phone so we're probably talking again. I don't actually know as she's not been off the phone since she got it, about twelve hours and counting. Grumpy returned to the Troll's before dinner but after he played with the small dwarfs and before he pissed me off so that was good. ( Only five phone calls from the Troll in twenty-four hours which is a record.)

We had duck for lunch ( about 6pm, before that we were all on chocolate overload) which I'd never actually cooked before. It was good.

Happy fell asleep about 5pm and had to be put to bed, he'd had a long day and hasn't the endurance of Psycho.

Then my favourite, the phone call from my domestically challenged sister (DCS), my father and my technologically challenged sister (TCS). Their Christmas was going well, though the DCS had to be demoted to under sous chef, and reading between the lines this was causing a few problems and the potatoes had to be rescued from her before chopping commenced. TCS doesn't appear to have broken anything at work recently. I think this is because they have wrapped her and all her lab equipment in kapok suits following the great gas chromatograph incident. That was expensive, very expensive. DCS has been doing a blog of her wassailing exploits which is very entertaining, but I think the opposition should do one. This would detail their side of the great who does what and who gets a solo debate. Actually she was very fair on that, but I do wonder if her cough may have disrupted the performance. I told TCS to say she'd found blog detailing DCS's appalling behaviour at the wassail, but I don't think she will. After all these years she may be wise to the causes of sibling arguments...damn.

It is now 10pm and peace reigns. I am on the computer because the Australian version of a great Christmas ratings war involves a professional ballroom dancing contest and some subtitled Japanese film about mass murder, I think, it was very hard to follow; and I haven't started on the booze yet. I'm off now to start on the booze. Happy Christmas.

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