Thursday, May 15, 2008


We run a weight loss program at work which involves meal replacement drinks. The idea is that customers replace two or three meals a day with drinks, and eat recommended meals for the third meal of the day where appropriate.

It's a very good programme and we have a lot of customers that have lost a lot of weight on it. The shop girls sell it every day and explain it fully, that's why it works.

I was aware of one of the shop ladies counselling some-one and signing them up for the programme. This is a long process as we have to explain clearly what the customer needs to do as well as taking baseline measurements, but it did seem to be going on bit. They seemed to be going over the explanation of how it works and what to do A LOT.

Eventually they got to the till and were doing the final chat , see you soon, good luck bit. At the final moment as the lady was leaving the shop she turned back and said, " This is meal replacement?"

"Yes." said the shop girl. (I could see her mentally bracing.)

"So," said the customer, " in the morning I have one of these to drink."
"Then I have my breakfast."

............errrrrr......they had been discussing the programme for over three quarters of an hour and still .......maybe that was why the lady had found no other diet programmes that worked for her.

P.S. We also had an unfortunate looking teenager in, you know spots, not quite sure what to do with his arms, legs and body, greasy looking. He was wearing a t-shirt that said " I F@@ck on a first date" , only without the @@. Quick as a flash one of the girls said."Only if you get a date".
Well he shouldn't wear a shirt like that in public in a shop full of women if he can't take the traffic.


slh35661 said...

My husband and I read this about the guys t-shirt and hooted with laughter. It seems you have had some very brazen people in your shop recently!

Eve Redstone said...

We get them every day, it's remembering the high? lights thats hard.

A day without laughing is a day wasted.