Thursday, May 29, 2008

A surprise

Picture the scene, the great outback of Australia. Miles of empty track behind and in front of you. Suddenly you feel the urge, the next roadhouse is a long way off.

Where's the harm, no-one will see you. You stop at the side of the track and hop out of your truck to relieve yourself.

As you settle in a strange sensation and sudden pain.

A lonely traveller North East of Cairns was relieving himself by the roadside when he got bit on the , um , personal area, by a Brown Snake. Remember from my previous post if it's a brown snake run away! The poor fellow had to be airlifted to Cooktown hospital, where luckily for him, they realised the snake had not injected any venom.

A brief but highly embarassing overnight stay later he was on his way, but he now carries a torch for those late night, um , rest stops.

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