Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sympathy...why can't I have some?

I had to go into hospital for a minor procedure today, but it involved "prep work" the day before.

So #1 son wanted to know if he could have some of the laxatives to put in the tea urn at work..............NO

Son #2 wants to know if he can watch, obviously sounded interesting to him when I told him what I was going for........NO

Son#3 wants to know if I'll bring him back a present, if you remember from Christmas and his birthday, he still wants a motorbike, a snake or a chain saw ( he's eight)..........NO

Husband wants to know if they do DVD's. He cracks himself up he really does. He says its alright, whatever format they do because our DVD player is multi format...NO

Daughter wants to know if we'll leave the Internet on while we're out...NO

After said procedure I was in the patient lounge, you don't get a bed just a very comfortable chair. In the lounge are the pre op patients, looking worried at the post op patients who are sat drooling in various states of consciousness and the recovered patients waiting to go home.

The nurse tells me that I can't go home until I eat and drink something. Fine, I'll have a cup of black tea and a piece of fruit.....NO.

Apparently they provide sandwiches. I explain I can't eat wheat or dairy, so anything else, anything at all? I'm there for tests for celiac disease, I don't eat wheat. Wheat makes me ill.

NO....eat a cheese sandwich or stay. Eventually I agreed to eat said sandwich,after all its only twelve hours of pain, and she agreed to ring my husband. He didn't answer. I rang said husband, he didn't answer. I rang husband again, he was asleep, and promised to come immediately.

Phone call from husband, he's in the stop and drop zone, can I hurry up, GRRRRR. Mind one of the other patient's husbands had gone concreting and would be there by maybe five? ( this was at ten am.)

We stopped on the way home to buy a wood chipper, as that what he had planned for the day. But then I got to rest in a bed, while he chipped wood outside the bedroom window. Clearly he was sulking because I hadn't got him the DVD.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant as always. When do you get the results? You should know that you can't have a disease the nurses can't spell.

Eve Redstone said...

Results soon I hope, I checked with one of the nurses at work and she says it ok if I have something she can't spell, but it must have handy abbreviation.
Being a nurse yourself I thought that would be handy. See TSB, too stupid to breed, from my time in the fertility clinic, and the post Sat May 3rd.