Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today we had a couple of ummmm moments at work.

#1 A lady comes up to me at the counter with an empty container of a (highly expensive) natural product.
"I'd like another of these please"
"Is it for you?"
"I can see you've used it before, is it working well for you?" A natural assumption as she has the empty container in her hand.
" Oh no, my husband used it, and it worked for him so I though that I'd try it."
"Have you got the same symptoms?
(Ummm let me see would you take his tablet for high blood pressure even though you don't have high blood pressure?)

#2 The phone rings.
"Hello, my baby has a temperature and a rash." Alarm bells start to ring.
"How high is the temperature?"
ummm..."That's pretty normal"
"I had him to the doctor and he said he was alright."
"Has he got any other symptoms?"
"You mentioned a rash?"
"Oh no he hasn't got a rash, I just thought he might get one."
"Really 37 C is pretty normal, if you are worried take him back to the doctor."
"The ambulance just left and they said he was all right."
ummmmm....I really don't know what this lady wants from me. The child has seen a doctor and a paramedic in the last hour. I don't know the child and can't see it, is she expecting me to diagnose meningitis over the phone? Then what's she going to do?
" Keep an eye on him and if you get worried go and see the doctor."

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slh35661 said...

Ya gotta love people. They are so entertaining.