Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And still they come......

Well we had another couple of doozies today.

#1 A phone call. Does farting hurt a baby? Huh? Apparently this lady has a two week old baby that is holding its farts in, and then when she does fart she is having a reaction to them. ( I'm sorry I didn't get the rest of this one, I had my head under a cushion in the tea room whilst a far more mature minded pharmacist than I dealt with the said phone call)

#2 The man and his three year old both have a cold. We got all the medications together and at the till the man wanted some throat sweets. He chose some (very strong) eucalyptus sweets. Obviously they will be ok for him, but he wonders can a three year old use them. Well....yes they are safe, it states on the packaging that they are safe from two years and up. The child will definitely not be poisoned by them, any three year old worth its salt will immediately spit one at least three hundred feet , these particular ones are disgusting in the extreme.

#3 Lady the till, Do you need anything else. Well yes she says. Her naturopath gives her some tablets for her blood pressure. Ok says I, do you know what they are? Yes she says, they are blood pressure tablets, from her naturopath. Any more clues? please? color of bottle, wild guess at the name? anything? please? No sorry, they are tablets.

She looked at me hopefully, I looked back hopelessly, I mean tablets, you're in a chemist shop..we have a lot of tablets.

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