Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hygiene, or lack thereof.

As I sat staring mutely at the old lady sorting her prescriptions opposite me I wondered how she would feel if I went to her house and licked my fingers before pawing each and every page of her newspaper, then handed it to her.

She had a sheaf of about sixty prescriptions that I could have sorted through in a jiffy, being an expert dontcha know. No, she laboriously licked her finger and picked the next one up, " What's this one, are these the pink ones? I had my last pink one this morning so I know I need the pink ones."

She carefully replaced that prescription, re-lubricated her finger,and picked up the next one, " No, these are the pink ones, I can't sleep without my pink ones." She carefully refiled the prescription in the wad she carries, spat on her finger and handed me the next one before spitting once again on her finger and returning to her ponderings.

One, You took your last pink one this MORNING, why can't you sleep without it?

Two, If they help you sleep , did you drive here?

Three, I know I just heard you say the piece of paper you re-filed was for the "pink ones", do you want the pink ones or not?

Four, If you let me see the writing on the bleeding piece of paper BEFORE refiling it I could TELL you if they are PINK!


Of course that was all silent, I'm not supposed to shout at the customers. Well not often anyway.

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slh35661 said...

It makes my skin crawl to read this description! I can see it all now. My dad teaches, and he used to complain about the students with colds sneezing and coughing on their tests and papers before handing them in and how disgusting that was to think about.