Monday, June 9, 2008

Creepy story challenge

I love Helium, that's the website. It gives me a chance to write all sorts of different things and get feedback on them. It has certainly developed my writing to the point where I am earning some money at it.

I decided to stretch myself and enter a few of the creative challenges, and I am quite pleased with this effort. Bear in mind I have only just started story writing, but I'd love some feedback.

Short stories : Hunting

Anna shivered in the cold night air and hugged her coat closer around her body. She hated being out at this time of night. It wasn't fair that she was expected to go out at in this weather on her own. It was freezing. She thought that tonight some one else would have gone, but no one volunteered.

The rain glistened in puddles under the intermittent streetlights. They seemed further apart than usual, and she scurried between them, her stilettos echoing in the empty streets. Momentarily she thought she heard other footsteps

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