Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on the snake bite incident

Would you? The report of the snake bite incident which started as a small anonymous paragraph in our local paper has gone international. But would you? His picture is in the paper.

The quotes are pure North Queensland, as was his impromptu cure for his predicament, rum, good for all evils. ( Curing and causing.) You don't have to go out of town for a snake experience though. This picture is from a suburb in the inner city.

Living with the wildlife around here makes for interesting times. This picture is of a five meter croc that was caught next to a school in Bamaga
before being brought back to Cairns to a croc farm. When one of these monsters is caught it is kept in the local watch house (police station) until transport has been arranged. This leads to a fall of in arrests for being drunk and disorderly....wonder why?

And finally, how they catch them.
Would you really want to be after a five meter croc in that tinny , and be tempting it over for a snack with a dead chicken?

My latest run in with the wild life was this morning when I saw a lizard outside the shop in the carpark. They are not dangerous ( I think) but the lizard was certainly in danger of being run over so I decided to scare it back into the grass at the back of the shop. I circled (warily) around the lizard and approached it in the hopes it would be scared and run away. The **** thing chased me. Cue middle aged woman running across the carpark with her hands in the air, uttering slightly girly screams.

The lizard promptly vanished leaving me running across the car park away from nothing. mmmmmmmm. Well every-one knows I'm a bit dotty so I'll probably get away with it. I've been trying to identify it with no luck, I think it was some sort of giant skink as it was at least eighteen inches long and smooth and brown.

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