Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trials of the DCS

My sister's baby (DCS thinks she's ten months old, post pregnancy brain fog) has just introduced DCS to the delights of a newly crawling baby. I gleefully left her a message about troubles to come.

I remember finding out child#2 could walk when I found her on the stairs ( child#1 had helpfully opened the gate). Of course child #1 introduced us to the joys of climbing by climbing into bed with us after we had put him in his cot. My children all walked very early, ( my friends maintain this is because I used to forget where I had left them so they had to find me, but that is not true, not entirely anyway).

I will miss the look of panic on DCS's face when she goes to a child free house and becoming engrossed in adult converation suddenly hears a crash from a neighbouring room....ah the memories.

I will not see the look of horror when Georgia finds something intimate in another room and brings it in to show polite company, or the sight of a newly resurfaced kitchen floor early on a Sunday morning. Resurfaced with eggs, flour and cornflakes that is.

DCS showed the way when, as a small child, she escaped the confines of our back yard. She could only walk with the aid of mothers large dog and had escaped by scaling the fence using the dog as a ladder to undo the gate. After leaving the yard the dog had helpfully waited while she used him as a ladder to reshut the gate. Imagine my mothers horror to find her one year old missing from the back yard, surrounded as it was by a six foot fence, the gate still shut.

DCS was found wandering the streets holding on to the dog for support. Of course she was completely naked. I think she still wanders the streets attached to dogs, but now she is dressed, I hope.


Anonymous said...

I make sure I at least wear my pants. One of my friends will hopefully visit your blog as I spent whole minutes telling him how hysterically funny and brilliant you are. So please be hysterically funny and brilliant.

Eve Redstone said...

Minutes even, glad to hear about the pants, and the photos on your blog show a hat so thats pants and a hat.

Knowing you shoes also.

Fully dressed, she shames her child by walking into the street.