Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smiley Saturday

I just found a great site with a regular "Smiley Saturday" feature

I love the idea of getting a laugh every week, though some would say that my life is one big comedy. In the spirit of the piece I will tell you a story from our local paper that made me chuckle this week.

There seems to be a lot of activity in the drug squad recently, with many hydroponic marijuana operations being shut down in the area. It must be the previously mentioned good agricultural practices!

Anyway, this week the drug squad were in action again. They raided a unit in the town centre on the basis of "information received". It was a highly organised top secret operation with surveillance, vans with darkened windows, the whole show was there. The time came and the squad ran to the chosen unit shouting and waving battering rams. The only people privy to the operation were the drug squad, and the press.

Meanwhile some policemen had come to the same block of units on a totally unrelated matter and were watching the action from a balcony when a neighbour came out to watch too. (I imagine there was actually quite a crowd of onlookers knowing Cairns.) There was a break in the action and the neighbour invited the uniformed policemen in for a cup of tea. Very nice they thought, not everybody is anti-police, there are some good citizens left, and in they went.

Inside the unit the good neighbour had a small hydroponic drug farm set up, along with smoking gear and some injecting gear and drugs in full view. Um...he invited uniformed policemen into his unit for a cup of tea!

The traffic police were also standing by idly watching when a car drew up next to them to watch the show. casually glancing into the car they saw several bags of a dry leafy substance on the back seat. Mmmmm they thought, a few questions later another drug haul was off the streets. Apparently the driver of the car was waiting for the police to leave to make a delivery.

Really I think it could only happen in Cairns.

{ I just noticed, my last post brought up an adsense advert for gas detecting equipment.....they didn't need it. }


Tracye Dukes said...

Lots of "Green Thumbs" in Cairns, eh? :0) Your humor is delightful!

storyteller said...

What an oddly humorous story. I suppose it takes all kinds … and I did enjoy a chuckle as I read your post today so thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!

Thank you for the Smiley Saturday laugh.