Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ain't love grand....seriously

Today my husband reminded me why I married him in a quite unexpected way.

The doorbell rang early, and I answered it, in a shocking state as you can imagine, hair, face and clothes all on backwards.

It was for my husband and as I wearily made my way back to my pit I heard the visitor say "Your wife doesn't half look rough in the morning." Hurumph I thought, like I care at quarter to sparrow fart in the morning. But I caught my husband answering, " What do you expect on four hours sleep? After a shower she'll be great, she always is, what about you? You'll still look like you." Aaawww shucks.


Anonymous said...

Ah. He's lovely.

slh35661 said...

When you have been with a man many years this is a very romantic thing to hear. Ha!