Saturday, June 7, 2008

No shame....a coincidence

I've been writing some articles on herpes for someone, and it so happens that in my research I have seen a lot of pictures. Definitely more than I would like. Apparently as well as the obvious areas it can pop up on other parts of the body such as the arms.

The coincidence is this. One of the girls called me over to look at a rash on a man's arm. "OOoh" I said, "what a coincidence, I know what that is that's.... " At this point I realized that the man had his girlfriend with him. Oh, how to proceed. As that thought went through my head my mouth continued, "That's herpes" ( don't worry too much the shop was empty.)

They looked at each other and she said " I know where you got that from...." Woops I thought. But she continued, " That's playing rugby and getting all sweaty and rubbing about among all those men." Well actually it turns out her theory isn't so far from the truth so that's all right then.

I advised a swift visit to the doctor for confirmation and treatment, and mentioning shingles to him he said, oh yes I had that before, it looked like this. Well why aren't you at the doctors I thought, the rash was dotted all over his hand and forearm, and hurt, and had been there for three days. To me a visit to the doctor was in order, to him a late night visit to the chemist on the way to the pub was in order.

The no shame part? As they left the shop she's cheerfully calling to him " Ha Ha herpes boy, who's got herpes? ha ha"

I got the impression the pub was still the first order of business, followed by a drunken visit to the twenty four hour doctors at closing time.

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