Monday, June 2, 2008

My den

A blogging friend of mine has decided she needs a she-cave. The reason being that there is no space in her house, and after all men have the shed/gargage/den thing going so why not the women?

I like the idea so much that I am eyeing up one of the children's rooms, saying things like it's good to share (whilst meaning that I won't have to).

My plans so far:

In my cave I shall line two walls with shelves for books.

I will have two desks, one for my laptop to write and one for the sewing machine, half finished craft projects and things I can't find a place for.

There will be filing cabinet, unused. There will be a fridge, used, with a lock.

The desk drawers will be booby trapped so that I can find a pen and paper when I need them, and scissors. There will be no phone but there will be a buzzer I can press when I hear it that will give my daughter an electric shock so she answers it, it's always for her anyway.

The doors will be strong, and spray child and husband repelling gas if interefered with in any way when armed. However they will be stable doors so I can see the rest of the house.

There will a nice view of the garden and a day bed. Ahh. Anything else I need?

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