Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sometimes I could just....

Todays paper features a full page story from a "self-confessed" hoon. He is protesting against the new laws that allow the police to take away his $50,000 baby if he is caught repeatedly hooning. (Yes, he refers to his car as his baby.)

He says that it amounts to stealing by the police if they take his car off him, and goes on to say that,yes he does speed, and disobeys road rules, and bullies other drivers out of his way if they don't shift. He sees nothing wrong with tailgating or speeding through school zones, or doing burnouts and donuts on residential streets.

Of course he is young and has no children playing on those streeets or attending those schools. He can't see that repeated fines and driving bans don't stop habitual offenders, and cheerfully admits that when he has gone over his points he drives without a license or insurance, because insurance is a rip-off.

I feel like clipping out the article and keeping it for ten years to show him when he has a family, or after he or one of his friends has killed some-one. (Hopefully that won't happen, but it happens every day.)

Up until now the cars were just taken for a day or two but this seems like it will be a permanent thing for repeat offenders. Every day repeat drunken drivers, unlicensed drivers, and uninsured drivers are reported in our paper. The post makes a point of photographing the newly banned drivers emerging from court and getting into their cars to drive home. How does our hero suggest the police deal with these people?

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