Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Milla says she loves child #4, mmmmm, that would be with the benefit of half the planet between him and her microwave. I think the sole purpose of #4 is to enable other parents to have someone to point at and say, " See, we aren't as bad as his parents, our child doesn't do those things, well not ALL of them."

I ought to update every-one on the bridge though. Child #4 has succeeded in bridging the ravine in the back yard and is now pondering the possibilities of an opencast mine beyond the great divide. This has involved recruiting all the neighbourhood children to dig a big hole in the backyard.

All the boys are dead keen and I'll soon have a new pond, something I've been trying to get Homer to do for a while. ( The possibility of a pond and the fact that I can see the boys from my writing window are why I have allowed this project to continue.) The girls don't join in, they sit around talking about how silly the boys are, whilst keeping a furtive eye on them. So nothing changes as we get older then.

A large part of my day at work is spent commenting on how silly boys are, whilst keeping a furtive eye on them.

As for indoor activities for the school holidays, well Homer needed to mend the phone so he got the soldering iron out. ( Yes, child #4 had broken the phone by taking it apart to find the ring, I'll show him the f#####g ring!) I don't know why he did it, but he left the iron unattended to get something for at least thirty seconds, which is about twenty-nine too long. He returned to find a paper clip soldered to the cooker.

I have had words with both boys, the small and the large, concerning soldering and the suitable times and places to carry it out. The large boy looked suitably embarrassed but #4 had already moved on.

I should be grateful that the cat was catching up on a missed sixteen hours of sleep whilst the soldering iron and digging activities were underway. The cat had had a busy morning learning to skateboard with #4, she seems to quite enjoy it.


Milla said...

See! What's not to like. A child the other side of the world breaking a phone. Marvellous. Meanwhile, mine, the other side of the room has ideas to stress the slim and tiny tidy beast within me, by rearranging all the books in the study to his weird liking (where author's book SHALL not sit by author's book - my what fun I'll have in about 6 months time when I've forgotten this). But, and God I never thought I'd say THIS, but I quite like the sound of your cat, too. What IS wrong with me??

Eve said...

I think you should see a doctor, I KNOW how you feel about cats, I read your blog...

Re-arranging books, it seems like a harmless hobby to the mother of
#4. ( This said by a woman who would hang draw and quarter someone to get her library card back.)

slh35661 said...

This reminds me of the time I was talking on the phone looking out my back window as I watched my son and his friend, both about 10 years old, back in some woods behind the house. They had been working on a tree with an axe, unbeknownst to me. As I was talking to my mother on the phone, I see this very large tree start to wiggle back and forth and the two boys standing next to the tree doing something. Then I see the large tree start to fall. The boys were jumping up and down with joy. I was having a heart attack, dropping the phone and trying to get out the back door to surely save them for death. It was only when I ran across the backyard and into the woods that I discovered they had been chopping on this tree for a month with an axe and a saw. You would think I would have noticed that, but no. The next month we discovered a trap they had buried in the ground to ward off the girls from their fort were bayonnets sticking out of the ground...but that is another story. Kids, ya gotta love them for their curiosity and stupidity...but they somehow manage to usually come out ok.

Eve said...

Traps to prevent girls, I can't wait.