Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going to the doctors

As I previoulsy mentioned #3 is so cool he's on his back. Nothing phases him and he takes life as it comes. As long as he has the complete DVD collection of Stargate he is happy. (He can talk along with many episodes he knows them so well.)

He has had warts on his hands for some time and they won't go. We have tried everything from leaving them alone (I was assured they go away after six months, apparently not.) to burning them with acidic solutions. Nothing works, although the acid solutions did take the surface of the kitchen worktops. The only wart that has gone is one he knocked off himself.

So to the doctors. The doctor is freezing them off, but because some of them are so big this has involved repeated visits. #3 is not happy about this but he goes along with it. Not this time.

Homer along with #3 and #4 were all in the waiting room, quietly catching whatever diseases passers by cared to give them. Come in #3 called the doctor. Number three immediately curled up on the floor with his hands under his armpits and screamed and screamed and screamed. The doctor looked nonplussed, the oldies looked shocked, other parents hurriedly left with their precious bundles.

Homer picked up #3 and bundled him bodily into the doctors room. The screaming didn't stop. Number 4 thought this was hilarious and was doubled up on the floor laughing, and he to had to be carried into the doctors office, but for different reasons.

The wart freezing didn't go well and only one or two of the targetted warts were overcome. Homer says I can take him next time. Number 3 looks doubtful at this prospect as he knows the same performance may not be allowed by the mother monster.

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