Saturday, July 12, 2008

Noises in the night...

I was fast asleep last night when I heard a loud crashing noise, it must have been loud because I was fast asleep and the noise woke me, and I could still hear it. I lay there in bed wondering what had woken me and staying very still. (You know monsters under the bed can't find you if you lie very still.) Quietly into the silence Homer whispered " What was that?"

Now I know that the noise was loud, it woke the sleeping giant. " I don't know." We lay there a bit longer. Did he think I was going to have a look? No fear, he man, he big hunter, he could go and get eaten by the monster under the bed, and more importantly he could get cold.

Eventually he sighed and left the bed, grumbling and moaning. I heard thumps and bangs, I heard the back door open, I heard some muffled swearing. I listened carefully for the sound of something trying to get him...." ********* cat!"

The noises returned to the bedroom. " What was it?" The cat was apparently knocking on the door to come in. She had climbed onto the screen door and was bouncing on it to attract attention. She is a small cat and how on earth she was making that much noise is a mystery. Perhaps she had got a local lion or tiger in to help her, which had quickly run off and hidden in the undergrowth when Homer appeared.

The cat is usually inside, except when out playing with #4, so I can imagine that she was extremely upset that she had accidently been locked out, but not as upset as Homer was at being woken to let her in.

Join smiley saturday here. ooh, and this appealed to my bad parent side.

I did a silly thing, I joined a weight loss challenge. Not that i don't need it, but now I'm going to have to do something about it!

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storyteller said...

I enjoyed your 'story' here, but am glad I didn't have to get up to let the cat in either. Fortunately MY cat lives outdoors and the dog know better than to wake me up ;--)

My Smiley Saturday post is up at Small Reflections. Hope you'll find time to drop by.
Hugs and blessings,