Friday, July 11, 2008

Teenage woes..

Or rather the woes of the parent...

I have picking up duty for #1 when he finishes work. Now I finish work after him, and so he is expected to walk or catch a bus for the short distance between our two work places. This should take him about twenty minutes. If he can't manage it I will pick him up at work, he only has to wait there. Is this too much to ask? Yes.

So far this week, on the first day he finished at four and I finished at six. I rang him, "Where are you?" " I don't know." " What do you mean?" " I'm'm." "What can you see?" " Shops." ( No s**t Sherlock, I work in the town centre.)" Which shop can you see?" " Ummmm..." " Look at the sign...can you read it?" (Remember he is 17..) " Oh! Yes, I'm at.*****" "Stay there , I'll come and get you."

Day two and after a stern warning he had to be at my work by eight. At six I rang him. " Where are you? " " At the bus stop." " Good, see you soon." At seven I rang him, " Where are you?" " At the other bus stop." "Excuse me...get on the next bus..." At eight I rang him. "Where are you?" " At ********." " How did you get there? That is ten miles in the wrong direction, stay there, I'll come and get you. "

Day three, I finish at 4, I am coming to your work, stay there! "Where are you?". "At your work, where are you?"

We did try "Be where we want when we want or you're walking", this led to several after midnight trips back into town, and when you get up at five am that is no fun. I have to think of another plan.

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slh35661 said...

Aren't kids great? Ha!