Monday, March 24, 2008

Any one want to buy a teenager?

Teenagers, I tell you it's a good job babies are cute because teenagers sure aren't. Having met Side show Bob's parents, Dopey and him broke up, tears , hysterics, the end of life. Oh but now they're back together again and laughing and giggling together in corners.

Grumpy disappeared again with a group of teenage girls, obviously a relationship as he calls it can involve a large group of admirers all at once. I expect I should be glad he's so popular but I keep having flashes of some angry parent turning up on my doorstep with a pregnant girl in tow.....I just keep telling him to put a hat on it and he keeps saying awwwwwwwwwww....mum.

My nerves and those of Homer are in tatters, and I am sad to report it was a good enough excuse in my mind to start smoking again. I shall stop again next Wednesday. (Did that sound definite enough?)

We had to drop something off round at Sideshow bob's house today, and took Happy and Psycho with us ( thats #3 and #4 ). Having been there before (once) they set off like a pair of whirling dervishes around the house with me ineffectually calling after them.

After a few minutes they rediscovered the games room and all went quiet. I was sitting upstairs having a very civilized cup of tea chatting with Bob's mum when out of the corner of my ears I heard some one say, " He threw the dog off the balcony". I leapt to my feet, whilst at the same time clutching my chest and staring wildly around for #4. omygod omygod whats he done now!

Good job Bob's dads a doctor he had to give me CPR and a glass of brandy before explaining that it was a childhood story about Sideshow Bob as a toddler that he'd been sharing with Homer. Every one thought it was hilarious that I could think that #4 had done this when anyone could see that he was quietly playing on the playstation.

All I can say is they don't know him like I do.

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