Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet the parents ( in law)

Tonight was the first formal meeting between side show Bob's parents and ourselves. You know the formal meeting, rather than the leaning out of a car yelling "Get in now! I have three minutes to go twenty miles so as not to miss the school pickup" kind of meeting.

We went to their house, very nice indeed, the views out over the mountains from their deck was amazing. They have a cute baby which I cuddled. The first baby in the history of the world to take an instant dislike to me.....maybe he could feel the fear.

I hate meeting new people and was a nervous wreck before we got there. Decided alcohol and valium was not a good approach, what with him being a doctor n all, so we just took some with us to break the ice, alcohol that is.

Lovely people I have to say. Dopey was a bit put out as we got on well. That was not part of her plans. We greed that if one of the happy couple was grounded, then they both were, if Sideshow smoked we would tell his dad, and that children need discipline. I think the happy couple were more hoping for a sticky chatless evening but they are as yet unaware of the true nature of alcohol.

Sideshow's dad I have to say makes a truly terrific version of port. We may be forced to do a break and enter into his house to get some more.

Grumpy meanwhile was out hunting, or being hunted, by teenage girls. The troll may truly be in his past now, although she still rings occasionally. If I answer I put on the worst chinese accent in the world " Velly solly, no Glumpy here, long number, so solly" and hang up. I know she knows its me , and she knows I know, but what can she do. She's playing out of her class.

I did warn him however that he should make sure that before he puts his thing anywhere he better make sure its wearing a hat. Awwwwwwwww Mum...anyway better safe than sorry. He also claims he's after a "relationship". I do wonder if my definition of this and his are different but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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