Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teenage Piercing / I give up Smoking

Apparently to be popular when you are a teenager you now need a piercing, the more piercings you have the more popular you are.

The way teenage boys slope about is directly due to the weight of metal dangling of various parts of their body. I discovered this when Grumpy got a new piercing and suddenly the house was full of teenage girls come to look at it. MMMM.

Bedroom doors were to be open at all times. One particularly snotty girl told me that at HER house they were allowed to do whatever they wanted, I told her to go back to HER house then. ( She didn't.. but I think "stories" about me may be circulating the teens in the neighbourhood as several of her friends whispered in her ear and dragged her off.)

Today I have given up smoking, which has led to even more psychotic behaviour on my part than usual. I warned every-one in advance, so no blood shed so far, but I have a wide exclusion zone around me. If the UN want a nest of terrorists routing they can send me in. As long as none of the terrorists offer me a cigarette they should all choose to leave fairly quickly.

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