Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smoking is bad?

Day two on the giving up smoking trial...yes trial not trail. Still hanging in there, but I can honestly say people know it. They know ALL ABOUT IT.

I love support from my supporters, but from the people I don't like when they say "Well done" and " Good Job", I just feel like lighting one up and blowing smoke in their faces. "Think of your health" one said today, "Think of your own and back away" I thought.

Stop preaching to me, I wouldn't be trying to give up if I thought it was good for me. If you carry on telling me how well I'm doing you may find out how good for YOU me smoking was, removing me as it did from your immediate environment.

OOh good , now you can have lunch with us, said one today, Not if I slit my wrists first I thought.

I will succeed and to those with helpful encouragement, mainly ex smokers who feel my pain Thank-you. Thank-you and thank-you again. To the rest of you, Get a life, platitudes do not remove homicidal tendencies and I know you don't know what I feel like from the look on your face. Just steer clear of me while I do the psychotic bitch part of giving up. I may become socialised again in a week or two but at the moment my short temper is going to harm both of us.

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