Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DCS has guilty mother woes

My DCS ( see link on left) has had her first visit to A& E with her baby. Frankly I am a little amazed that this is the first one, as a fully trained medical professional I know that meningitis, mumps, ebola and the Plague are surprisingly often suspected in the children of health professionals.

Give a health care worker a good book and some one they care about and they can probably diagnose a complaint or two for each letter of the alphabet. I suspect that her common sense is all that has actually disuaded her from leaving the house with her child tucked under her arm a few times, following her diagnosis of this and similar illnesses.

I just keep thinking what will happen when her baby walks and talks...and opens cupboards. I remember finding child #1 and #2 making a cake for me in the kitchen, well strictly speaking on the kitchen floor, one day as I tried to unblock the toilet ( One small jeep, three lego blocks and something that may have once been green).

I found out #1 could climb when he fell out of his cot at 3am going for a drink, and that #2 could walk when I found her on the stairs, ( #1 had helpfully opened the gate). Luckily experience led me to have #3 and #4 swimming early as the only people pool gates stop are adults. Children stand on each others shoulders to open them.

#4 is also very handy with a screw driver, having dismantled three air conditioning units, a fridge, the car seats and a television before we found out where he was hiding his tools.

#3 helpfully informs me that chickens can't swim like ducks....luckily a test carried out in a washing up bowl.

DCS is in for a shock I think. She always thought my children were badly behaved, and they can be, but they are also inquisitive and intelligent, a deadly mix.

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