Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Customer service....and why I sometimes fail

Just back from a loooong day at work. I think there should be some sort of order of merit for any one who manages to work directly with "the public" and not be arrested, or get sectioned under a mental health act.

So far this week we have had

1. The man with the gun. He brought his hand gun into the shop to show us.He produced it in the shop without warning and started waving it about, he then proceeded to load the magazine, in the shop. We know him, and reported him to the police. He returned a few days later to complain to the manageress that we had caused HIM some STRESS. Apparently it was " joke". He then asked one of the girls to be a character witness for him in court, after threatening to run his car through the shop windows...

2. The woman I spent half an hour with regarding her cough. I suggested various options, then she said, " But I don't want medicine, it doesn't agree with me." I asked her why she was in a pharmacy then, um she didn't really know.

3. I spent half an hour finding the ideal iron preparation for a customer who didn't want constipation or stomach upsets, and a natural product, and , and ,and. Anyway I found something for her needs, at which she requested in addition a product available over the counter that is well known to cause stomach ulcers, stomach upsets, nausea and constipation. When I pointed this out to her, in view of her previous requests she replied that ," She didn't care she wanted them" Grrrr.

4. Having dispensed a lady's contraceptive pill to her she asked me, two children in tow, if changing her brand of contraceptive would mean the she would get pregnant with a girl ............

5. I asked a lady buying nit lotion if she needed a nit comb, to which she replied.." I wouldn't buy anything here, you only sell crap" ( and I do quote) . But you just bought......oh never mind.

Well my halo is slightly bent and I could live without seeing another human being again for a while, but back to work tomorrow.

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