Thursday, March 6, 2008

Very Wet Indeed

Oh my, in Forest Gump whilst he in Vietnam he experiences a monsoon. I have just experienced a monsoon.

It isn't so much rain as someone pouring huge gallons of cold bath water over your head continually. But it's still hot. This is the largest outdoor sauna in the world.

After three days of this the ground was full,it was so full that water is actually coming up through the floor in places at work, this meets the leaks in the roof quite nicely.

The roads, where you can find them, are being washed away. Us locals have found a solution to this. We get in a line behind a backpackers combi van and wait for it disappear into a pothole, and then use the vehicle as temporary bridge. The council later come along and pour hot tar over the combi van to hide the evidence, who says we don't care about our tourist industry.

The local bridge which is suspended about ten metres in the air, usually over a semi stagnant babbling brook had five meters of water over it. The good thing about that is that once the water level dropped there were no trees attached to the bridge, they'd all gone over the top of it.

Of course now that the water has gone down we have a problem with the wildlife. All our freaky snakes etc have been washed down stream , to be replaced with some stunned looking crocodiles and snakes that had been busily minding there own business, feeding on the occasional unwary tourist, and now find them selves in my backyard.

Most of the roads have moved about three feet East, the run off direction. Regarding run off I hope they are ready for the tsunami in LA. Australia pumped some water into the Pacific the last few days.

The good thing is that us locals are used to this rain fall ( 40cm in twenty four hours over a large area) and just complained about the standard stuff, like, why were we not all at work, couldn't we swim, or get boat? Why had the mail not got through? had the bottle shop run out of beer? ( Answers: We were at home drinking beer watching shocked crocodiles be washed downstream, No the mail couldn't get through, we were cut off, and finally ,No the bottle shop didn't run out of beer, at least not until we got there.)

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