Monday, March 31, 2008

Mobile phones and customer service

Today I printed up a couple of signs for the shop.. " Customers will not be served while talking on a mobile phone. "

This was brought on by two incidents in particular. Firstly I was sitting having an in depth conversation with someone regarding their medical condition and treatment options, not a minor condition either, when their phone rang. They answered it but instead of saying they would call back they just took up a conversation with whoever it was, whilst still sitting in front of me.

Would they have done this to the doctor.....come to think of it they probably did and that was why I was trying to explain these matters to them. I fumed for about thirty seconds, then stood up and walked away to do something else.

This person actually complained that I had been rude in not waiting for them to finish their conversation, which as far as I could tell was about whether it is true that Brad and Angelina had got married.

The second incident was as I was sitting at my desk working away on an three crate prescription order when a yuppie type flew in, talking on the phone, and thrust their prescription up my left nostril without catching a breath or looking at me.

One of my assistants removed said prescription from my nose, and me from the ceiling, but couldn't attract the yuppies attention. So I dropped his prescription on the floor.

Twenty minutes later when he had finally finished averting war, arranging for photo evidence of a faked moon landing to be published, and received the go ahead for a nuclear launch against uzbekhistan he asked where his drugs were.

"Which prescrition is that?" I asked. "I handed it in before" he said. "Oh dear" I said, "who to? " Of course being as he hadn't actually looked at a single member of staff during the time he was with us he couldn't say.

I did find his prescription, anti w****r pills as it turns out, am I bad?

The final straw was when a lady tackled one of the front shop girls about overcharging her.The lady in question had several similar items and the girl questioned her, but was unable to get an answer, in conversation with higher beings as the customer was, so shrugged and carried on.

Apparently her crystal ball was faulty as the lady had only wanted to compare the prices and ask which was better....whilst on the phone to someone else apparently.

When did it become acceptable to drop peverything to talk on a mobile phone, and why is the person n front of you less important than the one on the other end of the phone.

Fine, use your phone, but move away from my work area to do it. When you are in the middle of a conversation with some-one hang up and call back, or apologise and excuse yourself.

I have to say ninety-nine per cent of people who come in the shop have commented that they love the signs and agree whole heartedly, the other one per cent were too busy talking on the phone to see them.

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